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Thread: Plunder ball leaderboard.

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    Plunder ball leaderboard.

    The plunder ball all time leaderboard needs to be reset, I have almost double the stats of Deadlywolf_JTT and I'm below him on the board. Mel9008 has more stats than me, it's obvious Mel should have a higher score than deadlywolf and myself. Pls fix.

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    All boards are getting reset. None of this matters. Enjoy being the new top of the leader board

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    They should have all been reset or recalculated when the values were changed. Leaderboard position does not equal skill in this game, but the board should still be accurate. With the exception of the top two on the board nearly every player is incorrectly positioned and every single players total score is not in sync with the new values. Even if it is meaningless, the board should be accurate for players that do enjoy moving up the board. Still not sure why the plunderball board wasn't reset with the rest of them.

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    I have a pretty good idea, as to why that is...

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