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    TGT Wikia

    Hello there Emomiime here! Today I want to discuss the wikia. J_MTN and I were the original two members who worked on the wikia. The reason why I stopped working on the wikia was because 1). Life issues that made it so I had to take a break from TGT 2). I felt that no one used the wikia. Now that I am able to return to the game, I am curious to see if you guys would like me to update the wikia and add all the new content.
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    I used the wiki when I first started playing for badge planning, before I had unlocked them. I don't think a lot of players use this resource at all though. If you want to update the wiki, it is really up to you. I personally don't foresee myself using this resource much, but new players may find it helpful if they know about it.

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