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Thread: POLL: Favorite Champ

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    POLL: Favorite Champ

    Bored here at work, just curious what is your champion and why?

    Ill start. I havent played them all but I really enjoy Minos. I feel with the way I have built him he is the perfect combination of damage and tankiness. I can dish out 35k+ damage pretty regularly and still take hits from the other team. Also all of his damage is aoe which means im hurting many people and can walk away with many epic kills. Im the first one in the fight and often the only one who walks away. Lets those utters fly and I hump the air after that epic kill!!

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    I personally enjoy Sprout. Tanky, good damage, healing. I can usually outlast 3 maybe even the whole other team if it is same or lower level players. Anyone that is 40 usually eats my face, I hope that will change when I get to 40 myself. I just started building a vooghoul which I am enjoying as well.

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    Usually main killowat but been playing a lot of Kovax lately. His damage is off the charts and he can take a punch.

    That trail he leaves behind can eat your health before you know it.

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    Minos ftw. He looks awesome, is awesome, and shines in Conquest maps because his Gore can quickly clear out minions on Nodes, especially when Fire Stomp is used directly after.

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    I waiting for a complex champ haven't found one that's takes use of my abilties yet.

    21 champs in all have uses most fun one is zert

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