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Thread: Weekly coin raffle suggestion.

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    Weekly coin raffle suggestion.

    There should be a weekly raffle where players can enter with coins.

    Each play is worth 2000 coins. All entry coins go into the pot.
    They may manually pick or quick-pick 3 numbers with each number being 1-36.

    The rules should be like
    Match all 3 numbers, win the jackpot. (Odds of winning: 1:7140)
    Match any of the 2 numbers, win 20% of the pot. (Odds of winning: 1:1260)
    Match any single number, win 3% of the pot. (Odds of winning: 1:210)
    Multiple jackpot winners must split.

    Drawings are held every Wednesday and Sat, preferably 11PM ET.

    With 2k coins per play, the pot should reach very high numbers. Hopefully millions.

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    Right now I'm stuck with one chip....1 chip, wun chip! Wish I can put that in some pool and play for it!

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    Amazing suggestion

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