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    Development Doctors we need you get Xavilla GET OFF LIFE SUPPORT please

    Least used champ of the original 8 needs a ER doctor

    Skill Requests

    Objective: Skills currently are just not up par as a 4 damage class

    1. Xavilla Lantern Strike Bigger radius
    2. Ghost Lanterns should give another buff or hold more
    3. Spirt Dance should do bit more damage or increase duration of time.
    4. Animation of Skulls blend in background
    5. Lantern Strike damage is too low comparable to other champs...double it
    Base Stats

    Objective: She's just too **** squishy

    1. Health need around 1400 if no damage resistance changes
    2. Damage resistances should be about 10%
    3. She has a crit chance but cannot do crit damage say whhhaaa

    Weapons: Need to complement her skills and base stats
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    With some slight changes she could become a very fun class to play. I personally think that that all she needs is lantern charges to not cost energy, stack to ten, constantly regenerate to ten (maybe like 1 per 10 seconds) and have a bit more freedom in aiming. This would allow players to build charges for burst opportunities and create a kind of roller coaster with her damage, big burst then down time, rinse and repeat.

    Charges not wasting energy would also allow for players to use full elbow pads or health, without having to use badges on the energy she currently would need to run this burst heavy play style. I don't think she really needs to be "Tanky", but she does need to be able to at least use full elbow pads. What sucks is that Lanterns have the potential to be one of the most intricate abilities in the game and in with xivillas current setup, they simply fall short.
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    Ghost lanterns should give a buff.
    Spirit dance should increase your movement speed to.
    Lantern strike radius needs to be increased.

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