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Thread: Conclusion to Tha trash talking enasty on twitch thursday.

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    Conclusion to Tha trash talking enasty on twitch thursday.
    I'll leave it right there!
    Thanks JJxtreme.

    Oh yeah we did tricks on their dead bodies!

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    There are players beefin in tgt? I like it. Idk who this guy is, but he really doesn't have a chance nexi vs blitz. I'll keep the beef rolling though, I'm way better than jjextreme.

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    Dude nasty was stiring the pot seriously. Especially towards jj.

    It's kinda known that certain player doesn't like me either. However that person much more respectful towards me than what I nasty toward jj.

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    O man, I didn't know that he called out jj. I'll pick someone else to call out. Uh, the hash assassin is a booger eater.

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    Yo first off, nasty doesn't know anyone one in there. He was by himself. Second off, everyone knows blitz is broken af and you had 2 on one side smh... 100% up time on yall heals.. Com'on man.
    And finally we all know what happen when we went 3v3, team v team and you picked kilo.... Your team got smashed on.
    Don't let sonnay fool you, the real conclusion will be on the 23rd.

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    Lol, why u got whipped so bad tonight 4vs4 you quit?

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    **sits back and grabs popcorn**

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    video proof coming to a youtube channel near you

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    Proof is up, follow me YouTube @sonnyAve

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