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Thread: Conclusion to Tha trash talking enasty on twitch thursday.

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    Yeah americans talk too much..

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    I talk trash cause I can back it up!

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    Sonnyave why u talk so much i just beated u an hangtime1984 hangtime was good but u suck like ****

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    Sonnyave why u talk so much just beated u an hangtime1984 an u suck like **** but hangtime was good

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    Yeah ok, cause u kill bots with Kovac ur good?? U will never see me in annihilation! I'll speed drain you to death

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    Sonny my friend what do u use? Khan? I will crush you so hard you will lose all your resistance then i will stunlock your silly khan until you beg me to stop. I will rape your wife and cook your children and then i will eat them with bbq sauce. Sonny my friend no matter what champion u use i will eat it alive with bbq sauce and garlic while i sip my chocolate cappucino. Tell me what u want to do punk? Come annihilation i will beat you up so hard your khan will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Bye.

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    I kill sonny with 1 hand cause weak like a mosquito

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    Lol, no I don't use khan. Ive seen ppl like u come and go with all the trash talking and op builds that "We The People" made. So keep blowing that hot air till your blue in Tha face.

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    Technically speaking khan is already in a wheelchair
    region: eu - mains: kovax, nexi, kilowatt.

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    Lol @ this Sonny clown

    "builds that we US players made"

    This game is so casual all you have to do is read skill and badge description and u have ur build.

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