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Thread: A few bugs I've noticed in my first 2 hours of playing.

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    A few bugs I've noticed in my first 2 hours of playing.

    To start off I'd like to say that I really enjoy this game. I've only been playing for 1 hr 22 mins I'm lvl 11 and in love.

    That being said I have noticed a few bugs or least I think so. As I've said only been playing for less than 2 hrs.

    So here they are...

    1. it took 25-30 mins for the boosts that I was rewarded for lvling up to appear. It wouldn't be an issue if it didn't say "you got the boosts now go and use them" but nothing is there. lol
    (not really a bug just ironic)

    2. I decided to try Brutus since he was needed for a daily mission. locked in had his champ on my screen and his name as well as his icon all appeared good...that was until the match started and I was playing as this leatherhead character. Only happened the one time.

    3. The very same game where I was given leatherhead I wasn't able to shoot or dmg the eggs that appear. Not even sure what they use they have but I have a cave man mind sometimes and enjoy smashing everything I can. (only in the game) lol

    4. Not a bug but it sure would be nice to be able to pic games modes outside of league matches. I find I come across players who are a much higher lvl than me far to often.

    5. It reads under Ninjette's Shadow Stalker. "When Stealthed Ninjette's next (attacks) is a critical." Perhaps a spelling error or maybe I just don't know how Ninjette works.

    6. The daily missions. Twice now it has only given me one daily mission per day. Once I do that one mission it says I have completed all 3 daily challenges.

    7. Khan.....need I say more but i will lol. This can needs a nerf. I have an idea let's not make a champ who can be super tanky do tons of dmg and faster than most others. I feel like he was made to troll everyone or perhaps no one looked at his stats when they made him. Or perhaps they did and someone somewhere giggles a little bit very morning thinking of how many people at going to be trolled by his creation. If this is the case I applaud you. But seriously jokes over nerf the Can!!

    Will add to this thread if I find any other abnormalities within this wonderful game. Not sarcasm I really enjoy this game.
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    Gonna try to help you

    1: easy fix is restart the game if it doesn't show up right away, never had an issue myself but have had friends that have.

    2: Never had that happen before, weird but glad it only happened once. Hope it doesn't become a thing.

    4: There are no ranked queuing modes right now, there really aren't enough players yet to seperate everybody, I would guess this will become a thing as the game grows in popularity, help get the word out there!

    5: Stealthing causes your attack that breaks you out of stealth to be a forced crit. I don't have the game pulled up right now but if it reads plural it would be a spelling error. def a good bug report if that is the case.

    6: There are only 1 daily missions per day and you can have a maximum of three on you. I'm fine with that and there really aren't a lot of champions yet. I would guess that we will eventually get 3 daily like most games, but until then if you can't play for a day or two you won't miss out on dailies.

    I agree with you this game is so much fun, the more you play the more you will understand how things work. I hope I was able to help with most of the issues you have had.

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    There are ways to deal with Khan, you need a character with speed drain or someone who knocks down his dmg resistance. All strategy man. Add me and I'll help you out. My psn is the same As my screen name bro.

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