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Thread: Kunak question for Kiz

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    Kunak question for Kiz

    Hey kiz I really enjoy kunak I was curious if there is going to be a weapon for kunak that will better compliment his kit. It seems his kit his built around critical hits and his piercing throw ability. It would be nice to seehim with a 20% damage and some crit change. It would nice if the weapon affected his piercing throw. Also I feel like his hunters instinct is not working properly although I have no way to prove this because we have no real statistics from matchs. Hopefully someone has some input to whether it works or not. I may just have bad luck

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    His dps is kinda butt. There's a list of characters that would like to be seen slightly buffed.

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    I feel like if I was critting as much as I feel like I should then his damage wouldbe decent. Also a weapon like I had mentioned prior would Imimmensely help with his lack of damage

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    Say what you need white to buff kunak.

    He doesn't appear to critic as often as he should and feel his attack speed slow

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    Just some ideas for kiz and also wanted to anyone else felt like he should crit more than he does

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    I don't believe the percentages on crits are accurate for him at least.
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    Yea I got with kiz about it today they didn't say much about it working correctly or not but I know a lot of us thought crits ignored resistances and they do not. Kiz confirmed that they are not supposed to. I want to film some testing do some math and see if the passive is working correctly or not. Kiz said I'm welcome to send them some footage and in the meantime they will look at possible balancing. I made them aware that I understand the bugs are more important for all of us but I feel and beta testers it is our job to see what it working properly and what is not. Im not really looking for a buff but want to make sure everything is working properly and of course I want to see kunak at a competitive level. So if everything is working properly maybe a buff or some changes couldbe made. Excuse my terrible grammar I am at work messaging on my phone.

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