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Thread: brutus hours played ?

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    brutus hours played ?

    Ok guy's im obsessed with him and have played him from launch with much ridicule.
    but the haters can suck it. I love brutus if u have great team to support you he is awesome and a key player to total destruction. And at a 88% win ratio
    I have 53hrs 14min on him . Pls comment your hour's and what u love about him.

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    I like Brutus as a team member. I think that people sleep on the sledgehammer move where the rocks come up thats devastating.

    I play with Kunak and I think those two characters work good together. Brutus goes in and if he takes too much damage I back him up. He leads the enemies to me where I can do the piercing spear that knocks them back, then Brutus comes back with the other skill that does damage. Works every time

    The only thing I dont like is a bad Brutus player, they make him look weak

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    All he needs is a tank next to him and you'll good

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