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    Quote Originally Posted by Khomi Cy View Post
    I'm fine with teams picking up 1 and only 1 replacement during the tournament. Emergencies happen in real life and this would help with alot of things that can go wrong during a long tournament.


    I think allowing teams to pick up players from teams no longer in play is a bad idea. I think it would be best to lock players to thier teams whether they played or not (subs getting knocked out). This eliminates any "If my team loses I'll play for you" deals that can happen.

    This also gives established players incentive to reach out to newer players for subs instead of asking known names in the community when they lose.
    When I said teams getting disqualified and or forfeit I am implying the two or three teams that literally didn't play a match in the tourney. They took the day off to play and couldn't due to their captain forfeiting or getting disqualified due to life emergencies during tournament right before match. I did not imply that if you lose a match you could just jump back in, I wouldn't allow that. That seems insane hahaha!

    I did just post up my roster form for players to sign up for future tournaments. if anyone have interest in joining teams and/or wanting to participate in the next tourney you can fill out info at this link ---->

    I still would love to hear more feedback on "floaters" like khomi was mentioning. Ability to pick up one sub due to life emergencies or no show. I don't like seeing a good team lose out on play time and having to forfeit due to no full team, I like to see players play

    Possibly we could have a 2 sub lock in and the 3rd sub could be last minute pick ups? throwing ideas out there
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