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Thread: Melody turn off

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    Melody turn off

    One major flaw that puts Melody at a disadvantage is note doesn't heal yourself. Makes you a target for those high burst dps guys. Without a self heal on a healing character the sustainability isn't there. Hard to support your team when people see you as easy pray.

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    You have the speed advantage. She cannot be stunned or slowed when using symphony so gotta be tactical and stay back and support while maintaining distance from enemy

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    Melody worst character ever, please buff.

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    Melody gets a buff yet someone found a way to complain

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    She helps the whole team by speed boost. She would be OP if she could max heal herself and teammates. All about balance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishpaste777 View Post
    Melody worst character ever, please buff.
    lol this should be in someones signature, not mine of course

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