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Thread: Kovax item pick up

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    Kovax item pick up

    With the last patch he's able to pick up oozelo's sandwich. I was able to pick it up and use it even if oozelo is on the other team.

    Not sure if that's a bug or how it's intended to work.

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    Right now I think it's intended. I believe the sandwich should have a counter, just like an example of platimus eggs. He throws out and it gives buffs and a puggle which in turn can dramatically help platimus and enemies can destroy that egg.

    So with a sandwich I believe there should be some counter.

    Thanks for posting! (:

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    So then make sure you oozelo players use some bowling so I get the good heals hahaha.

    It's definitely gonna cause oozelo players to be more careful when placing the sandwich to ensure their team gets it.

    Really digging the new Kovax though.

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