Ok I think xavilla needs some help. Her skills are not balanced and her survivability is 0 she is the worst champ in game. Lantern strike is imposible 2 aim up and down because it goes off the screen, I think the targeting for that should be changed to similar 2 rooks dark bolts so she would not be able to be chased down with no way 2 defend herself, or givin a bigger blast radios with shorter range but eather way it needs 2 be fixed. Spirit dance does hardly any damage and offers nothing else makes it completely useless there is no point in it even being a skill besides 2 look cool. totem spirt being her only ok move witch its damage is still way below any normal standards cost way 2 much energy for her very low energy pool. Next she need to be able to live more than 5 sec so she eather needs some c.c., more health or damage resistance, or a self heal like nexi I mean if ur Gunna make these characters at least make them somewhat playable. I've invested alot of time to build this character for nothing she is not a viable option in any game mode.