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Thread: v1.12 Bugs report

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    v1.12 Bugs report

    1. Khan's Battle Plan and Melody's Symphony Bug: I've seen the Devs edited thier Skill's description that only buff for The Nearest Ally. But intruth, Khan and Melody still buff for all Allies in range.
    2. Leatherhead's Moblie Fotress Bug: His skill doesn't immu debuff: DoT, stun, slow, ...
    3. Champions bug cannot using skill and basic attack: Idk how, but sometimes it bug like that.
    4. Ninjetle's Blade Flurry: it has 3 times deal damg but be considered as single hit, cast on player who geared Girded just deal 7xdamg/hit (total 225damg 3hits).
    5. Dr. Trip's Escape: I've seen many times bot using it on the Bridge and never fall out then i try it and... !?!?!?
    6. Rook's Shadow mist Bug: it doesn't stun enemies.
    7. Kunnak's Piercing Throw : Okey, I'm a honest player so after many times killed ppl by that way, now i report it:

    8. Oddilus's Protective Coast bug: It just does 100 damg reflect instead of 200 damg as skill description.

    Hope that will be fixed soon.
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    6. Kunnak's Piercing Throw

    i need clarification, is it just the high dmg or am i missing a bug here?

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    re-watch it clearly bro, it pushes ppl through out the walls into river
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    oh wow i thought you were just killing them, didnt realize they were getting pushed out / suicided since their corpses stay inside, that is a pretty gnarly bug

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    if it weren't fixed, we would use that as a trick, and ppl have to stay far away from walls instead of river, lol
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    Nice edit Yolo I still have a video of rook and speed drain i need to post

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    I missed a bug, Rook's Shadow mist now doesn't stun enemies... and @Hangtime... when you said that i think rook now doesn't stun by anyway...
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    1. This is true. I believe that the spell info should be changed rather than the abilities. In melody's case at least, her buff is the only one keeping certain classes competitive. They can go either way with khans buff, but melody's needs to stay unchanged for balancing reasons.

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    I don't think so, Melody's Symphony is imba skill, Kiz saw that so they was trying fix it.
    Her skill this time + 100% Atk speed, 50% mvm speed is really OP for a team, and important thing she can make her team immu mvm, so as Blitz's buff, Melody's Symphony should be like it's description which was changed.
    With Khan, I think this skill don't need to be changed, it's fair, from the begin, this Buff is really balance.
    I own both of Khan and Melody, My suggestion is Impartial
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    Oddilus's Protective Coat bug updated.
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