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Thread: 4th Community Tournament Info

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    4th Community Tournament Info

    Hello my fellow good people of the Galaxy and this forum!

    I am proud to announce that I will be hosting my second tournament. I have two co-hosts that will be helping throughout the tournament. My hopes are doing two games per host during the first two rounds to speed everything up right away, in case any co-host has to depart the tournament. Banes and psychowise are possible co-hosts! Send email if interested in co-hosting

    There is some new things added into this compared to last tourney so please read thoroughly

    The date is set for Sat ur day February 20th, 2016. At the end of this season. The time is going to be 12:00 PM Central Time Zone.

    I will be holding a Captain Meeting at 11:00 AM. If there are more than 8 teams I will be holding it on a twitch channel like last tournament. If you can not make the meeting please let me know before hand so I can ask questions or you can give me some comments on anything that could be brought up.

    NOTE - in the captains meeting please be prepared to list off anything in concern or bringing forth any knowledge you may have that may concern the tournament, example exploited champs or badges that I may not have known. We do not want a repeat of the last tournament.

    If an exploit is used it will be a forfeit for that round.

    Here are some RULES:

    ~ No duplicate champions on same team, however, there can be multiple of a champion in one game (1 per team)
    ~ All badges and workouts are available to use at this time.

    ~Tournament will be best of 3 rounds. (First team to 2 wins)
    ~Each team will consist of a minimum of 4 player and a maximum of 6 players (2 subs) - I will allow floaters if an emergency to fill your team to play.
    ~Each team will need a captain that will be in charge of communicating decisions to me, such as team roster, team name, sub-ins, game mode and picks/bans in the rounds themselves.
    ~Teams will be decided on whoever wants to team together. So communicate and figure that out. That being said just like the last tournament for those who are more solo at this time, there will be a thread created for you to find a group to participate. OR YOU CAN SIGN UP IN THE TGT FREE AGENCY ---->
    ~The captain or a team member for each team will be required to stream their game in order for refs to be able to watch the game for fair play and to be streamed for the community to see. Please label your stream title to your team name. - I will allow more than one member to stream for options to view for fair play. It is optional

    How will teams que up against each other?

    We will use practice mode and have both team que up at the same time until they get into the same match.
    Picks/Bans and Game Mode will be done verbally before queing up due to short pick times in game.

    The Bracket will be set up using
    Seeds will be randomly generated.

    Exploiting bugs during a tournament is considered illegal and will result in an automatic round loss.

    This will be different like the last tournament, much like the first tournament.
    Coin toss to decide who goes first (Coin toss will be decided using

    Ban = Neither team can play said character.

    Picks and bans will have a time limit to 10 mins.

    I suggest captains to choosing a member of your team to use a messaging service (facebook, skype or texting) to communicate picks or bans while your in the host party. It will save time from switching parties back and forth figuring out a pick or ban. Please for the sake of the tourney be prepared and use this suggestion.

    Example below - Winner of coin toss will be TEAM A and loser of coin toss will be TEAM B

    TEAM A picks game mode

    TEAM A BANS a character

    TEAM B BANS a character

    TEAM A picks their first character

    TEAM B picks their first character

    TEAM B picks their second character

    TEAM A picks their second character

    TEAM A BANS another character

    TEAM B BANS another character

    TEAM A picks their 3rd character

    TEAM A picks their 4th character

    TEAM B picks their 3rd character

    TEAM B picks their 4th character

    The loser of game 1 will have their first pick of game mode and pick/ban

    Picks/Bans will be round based. The second ban is still on the table, there will be one ban for sure per team. I would like feedback on the second ban, personally I like it but may be unfair to new players as they only have few champs compared to a veteran.

    How will this work?

    Both teams as well as one tourney mod will join in a private party chat using the PS4 Party function. Only team captains and the mod will be allowed to speak.
    Other team members must communicate to team using another method (group messaging using PS4 for example).
    The two team captains, will listen for the tourney host set and go to que up for match.

    If for some reason one team plays a banned character by mistake or for any other reason. They will suffer a lose for the round.

    This tournaments HASH flavor is going to be a pick-your-game-mode per round type of flavor

    First and foremost all applicants have to be a member of the PSN community: Trans-Galactic Elite
    How to join community, its very very simple.

    To join community on PSN!
    Steps: ( because play station didn't include a search feature yet.. )
    1. Add me on PSN ( name: TheHashAssassin )
    2. Go to friends list, on the left go to communities.
    3. Friends communities.
    4. Find "Trans-Galactic Elite" and join.

    If you can't find it, message me via PlayStation ill send you an invite.

    After you and all your team members are in the community
    Follow the below step:

    Please send all application to my email: It works easier for me, I will then verify all members are in the community and post that you have been registered to the bracket page when it is set up!
    Also I will post on this thread, saying you're team name has been registered alongside your mates!

    Team Name:
    Sub1: (optional)
    Sub2: (optional)

    No player can play for more than one team! So choose teams carefully.

    To clarify on subs - If you are signed up on a team as a sub you will only be able to sub in for that team.

    To clarify on floaters - A floater will be an individual that is shown up on tournament day and is there for any team that had a life emergency or teammate loss due to real life situations. A floater could then be picked up by a team and used as a sub-in. That floater will then be apart of the team and can not play as a floater for any other team.

    If you would like to sign up to be a floater or you are in need of finding a team sign up in the TGT FREE AGENCY

    LINK ----> I will be posting the form in this thread closer to the tournament

    Captains please inform me if you are subbing in players or picking up a floater. Thanks!

    Prizes, Because a tournament would not be nearly as fun if we didn't win something

    All Packs that are rewarded are given to us by Kiz Studios themselves! Be sure to thank them! (Thanks so much guys.)
    Only members that participated in at least 2 full game matches themselves will receive rewards. (if double elimination)(Subs do not get rewards unless they actually sub in for a member.)

    If it is double elimination Subs will have to sub in for two matches (not rounds "full games") in order to receive rewards.

    The tournament will be single elimination if there are more than 10 teams. Otherwise it will be double elimination.

    Participants that do not place will be rewarded a small welcoming pack. If you have already received one from the stream, unfortunately you can not receive another.

    Added something new, I will be giving out my personal codes I have received from the stream to give out to players who participate in my champion challenge during the tournament. Players who play a hand picked champion by me will be entered into a drawing for a code. (I will let you know which champions are available in my challenge before the games start!)

    4th Place: 110 Chip Code

    3rd Place: 440 Chip Pack

    2nd Place: 1400 Chip Pack.

    1st place: 1510 chip pack

    I am really excited to get my second tournament on the way, please be patient with tournaments as we are working on a system that will work smoothly. I understand feedback and take it critically and will work harder to please the community. Once we get in a rhythm of tournament play it will go much better each month.

    Having a co-host will help the matches go smoother and faster. 2-4 matches at a time will make the tournament not feel like an all day event. If you would like to co host I'll make sure you are awarded.

    Thank you all for your support and feedback! GOOD LUCK

    February 20th, 2016 4th Community Tournament Entry -
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    This is PURELY a random thought that I think most will laugh at and reject, but I feel compelled to share it anyway. Just for team balance sake, maybe doing a draft with team captains picking players from a pool would be a fun idea. In the free agent post, everyone who wants to be a part of the tournament could submit their name and champions they can play, and based on how many people sign up, we select an appropriate number of team captains who pick from the pool. Either we can just pick top players to be team captain, or anyone who wants to step up can be captain. As I said, this is PURELY a random thought because I know this is a small community and people would rather play with familiar players who they play with on a daily basis, but just to prevent super teams from forming, mixing high level, experienced players with low level newcomers would certainly balance out the competitiveness of the tournament. Thoughts?

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    I agree sneaky! As my host personality, I would enjoy shaking things up and trying out new ideas and new things within tourney play. I will definitely consider it as a possibility. Especially if a lot of people use the free agency. After all its about fun.

    If we did do this as a tourney it would more increase other players (captains) to "scout" players from the free agency and play with them up to the tourney then we draft.

    1. Be great for the community to play with others throughout the community. New or casual

    2. Unique tourney for TGT that hasn't been done

    3. Spontaneous on the fly strategizing

    The only downfall is players need to get 2 to 3 champs at least to play in tourney due to bans. I am not certain I'll do a 2 ban per team due to newer players only paying one or two champs. So that's all I got.

    In conclusion I LOVE the idea! (:

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    I think that if it is made so that you have to be lvl 40 to be a captain, between the captain and the 1st round pick the 2 champ ban should be no problem. The 2nd and 3rd picks would choose a champion after the 1st set of champs are banned, then the captain and 1st pick would choose based on next 2 bans.

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    I'll help Co host if in knocked out of tourney early for any reason.
    But of course u know T5DOA is in.

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    nice ban/pick rules
    PSN ID: YoloHCM

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    Yo Hash how long can a team name be?

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    If you have to ask it's probably too long.

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    I would appreciate a medium length 12 to 20 characters can be more as long as it's not 40...

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    Signin up for the tourny
    Team Name - Galactic Lives Matter
    Members - TrainerCharlie, Cord_Zilla, BigSxy999, The__Massa

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