Now I have already compiled a list of game changing requests throughout the community but I strongly feel this is in TGTs best interest to strengthen testing. The side bonus, tournament play for other casual/new players to compete.

Practice mode should have all badges and workouts unlocked to be used in practice play to increase the testing of builds, workouts, badges and champions. Also the combo with workouts and badges. This would greatly increase the testing period especially since Kiz Studios is looking to getting EU on board with TGT.

The player base is small right now, as most players get at least one or more bot(s) in matches 85 to 90 percent of the time. With the players that actually can test out a majority of the champions and workouts/badges are the veteran players that have did their time grinding away to test these certain criteria to better the game for your company. That veteran player base is small compared to the TGT player base as a whole, remember the player base is already small.

I believe adding unlocked badges, workouts and maybe champions in practice mode will benefits the testers, new players, casual players and more importantly Kiz Studios. With increased testing score to help perfect your game, we can all help build this game to a flawless balanced and bug less game. Of course that's inevitable that there will be flaws but I believe this will help sharpen the games mechanics and gameplay experience.

Happy gaming and happy programming!

- Hash