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    TGT Starter Guide

    New to TGT? Check out our Starter Guide below to help you out in the arena!

    Do I need a PS Plus account to play Trans-Galactic Tournament (TGT)?
    Nope! Anyone with a PS4 and an Internet connection can play TGT online matches, group with friends, and party chat. However, if you are a PS Plus member, there's a free TGT currency pack just for you in the PS Store.

    So how do I play?
    Before you jump into your first match, here are some basic tips on controls:

    - Attack with the shoulder buttons.
    - R2 is your Standard Attack: Use it anytime, anywhere, on anyone!
    - L1, L2, and R1 are powerful skills! They use energy to function, so don't go into a battle without a full energy bar ready to go!
    - X Button is Jump! Jumping lets you shortcut gaps and move up stepped terrain. You can even jump off other Champs's heads to reach high ledges!
    - Use the right thumbstick to aim your attacks! You can attack and move in opposite directions!

    Any tips on how I can not get owned in my first match?
    Your first TGT match will be Plunderball, a 4v4 combat version of capture the flag. Here's some rules and tips to get you started.

    Plunderball Rules:

    - Capture your opponent's Plunderball and return it to your base 3 times to win.
    - You can't score if the other team has your Plunderball.
    - Press the O button to pass the Plunderball to your teammate.

    Beginner Tips:

    - Stick close to your teammates. There is power (and buffs) in numbers.
    - Carrying the Plunderball will slow you down, so look out for speed pickups.
    - You also don't regen energy when carrying the Plunderball, so use your skills wisely.

    How do I use the starting characters?
    Note: The button displays a useful cheat sheet of your Champ's skills and abilities during play. It's a secret our best players use to learn new Champions fast! Now here's some tips for the starting Champs:

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    - Use Strength Workouts to increase Brutus's attack damage, and Crit Chance Workouts to increase his chance of dealing a massive Critical Hit.
    - With the Trophies passive, his strength and speed increase with each kill, for up to three kills in a row.
    - If you encounter a Damage Buff, grab it! He is already strong, but with this pickup, he's a monster.
    - His Groundbreaker ability is a great combat starter. It decreases your opponent's damage, making them defenseless for follow up attacks.


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    - Khan is the only defensive melee Champ, so sticking close to him will greatly improve your chances of survival.
    - It helps to shadow another melee Champ. Khan can play a support role while providing enough defense to keep you and your ally alive.
    - His Battle Plan skill is highly effective when paired with another melee Champ. Brutus can become a walking death machine when pairing his Rage skill with Battle Plan.
    - All his skills affect both his allies and their turrets (i.e. Platimus and his eggs, Sprout and her turret, etc.).


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    - Kilowatt has a powerful ranged attack, but he's fairly squishy, making him most effective from a distance.
    - If a team member needs some extra energy, his Recharge ability has a fairly large area of effect.
    - Restraining Bolt slows attackers down tremendously, which comes in handy when trying to get away with the Plunderball.
    - His passive trait of occasionally stunning enemies also helps for a great escape.

    How do I customize my Champs and make them stronger?
    To check out your Champs, tab over using the R1 button on the main menu and select a Champion. The Champ's skills will appear on the right. You can then move down with the left stick to view the Champ's weapons, workouts, skins, and emotes. Here's some info and tips on workouts and weapons to get your Champs in fighting shape.

    - Workouts increase Champ stats and customize passives like crit chance, hexes, and elemental damage.
    - Each Champ has 15 workout slots and three slots for powerful badges.
    - You unlock higher tier, more powerful workouts as you level up.
    - Workouts can only be purchased with coins.

    - Each Champ has 3-4 different weapons.
    - Weapons modify stats and grant special buffs and passives.
    - Selected weapons appear on your Champ, and are purchasable with coins or chips.

    How do crits and hexes work?
    A crit is an attack that does substantially more damage than it normally would. For example Khan's basic attack does 100 damage every time it's initiated, but when it crits (based on a percentage chance) it will do 250 damage. Crit chance can be increased by adding specific workouts to your Champ.

    Hex generally refers to an ability that reduces the damage output of the target. Usually the ability does damage as well, occasionally with damage over time

    Is there a way to try out different Champs?
    TGT features a weekly Champ rotation. Each week we unlock three Champs for you to play completely free. Any customization you apply to the Champ is permanent and will still be there the next time that Champ is in rotation or if you decide to purchase the Champ.

    What does my player level do, and is there a cap?
    As you increase your player level, you unlock new game modes as well as higher tier workouts and badges. At some levels you also get currency rewards for picking up new champs, weapons, and workouts. Currently, the level cap is 40.

    How do I get currency?
    In TGT you can earn coins by:

    - Playing a League Match in any game mode. Double your rewards by purchasing a coin boost before the match or in the shop.
    - Completing Daily Challenges. You get one new challenge a day, and they stack up to five.
    - Collecting rewards after a leaderboard season. Rank higher for better rewards.
    - Tuning in to our Twitch Stream. We stream on Twitch, and we're always giving away currency codes. Check the newsfeed on the TGT main menu for dates and times.
    - Don't forget the shop. In the shop you can buy Chips (hard currency) and use them to purchase bundles, boosts, champs, weapons, skins, and emotes.

    How do leaderboards and seasons work?
    Each game mode in TGT has its own seasonal leaderboard, which pays out rewards and resets every month. To see where you rank, use the R1 button to tab over to your username, then move down with the Left Stick. Rewards are based on the following ranks:

    Top 10: 50K Coins
    Top 100: 25K Coins
    Top 500: 10K Coins
    Participation: 2.5K Coins

    Now that I've got some skills, how can I join a team?
    You can connect with your fellow players by taking part in the discussions happening on:

    TGT Community Forum
    TGT Facebook Page
    TGT Twitter

    Our devs are available to chat during our Twitch streams each week, so make sure to tune in to ask your questions and discuss all things TGT.
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