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Thread: Just a quick thought on Ace

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    Just a quick thought on Ace

    So being able to control the distance on Leatherhead's shell shock was a nice gesture, but where is the love for Ace's scrambler? I would love to be able to control the distance of which I throw rather than have it at a fixed distance. Pretty please kiz do this for Ace?

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    This again.... Ace is already a top 5 character in the game. He already has the ability to chain stuns and silences together for 1 minute, why does he really need to be able to silence targets at any range? The longest silence in the game should never become an easy spell to land, and the argument could be made that with hex duration, it is pretty easy to land consistently now. When making changes to characters, it should always be considered how this effects all classes, not just the class changed. The change would be good for ace, but bad for every other class in the game.

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    I actually side with Mel and granddaddy has a pretty good ace. I think we are all getting by

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    ya i agree with you all, but mostly because i hate aiming with little ****og stick, really annoyed aiming as vooghoul and leatherhead, now im gonna have to practice samwich toss

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    I do think they could think about some freedom in the targetin. I just don't think that the ability should be targeted anywhere within the range. Maybe anywhere within 10-16 range or something along those lines. The main thing is keeping the "dead zone" where the ability can be avoided in tact.

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    All I'm sayin is that if ace bot can do it, I should be able to as well

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    Ace bot is better then 80% of the players in the game. Everyone should take notes when lucky enough to play with him.

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    I'm only coming back to this post cause mel, we had a good battle BUT IF I WAS ABLE TO CONTROL MY SCRAMBLER DISTANCE THE GAME WOULD HAVE BEEN 2-2!!! But I digress, it was a good battle that I did indeed lose.

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    I remember that game and it was the most try hard I've had ever had to play on sprout to win against a single ace. Just one chain of stun/silence got me killed almost every time. If an ace player like you had the ability to use scrambler at any range I would never survive on any of my characters, and debuff protection would pretty much be a requirement for everyone to live against ace.

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