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Thread: Issues with grouping up

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    Issues with grouping up

    When in a group it will sometimes disband on its own. Or a member of the group will be in it but on that members screen it will show him not in a group, or that member will just get kicked out. Also when trying to search for a match the members in the queue will not get the invite and miss the match. The countdown for matchmaking in a group isnt synched up.

    Sidenote: Matchmaking still having problems.

    Oops forgot to mention. It will sometimes say a member is unavailable for match when the member is not unavailable and thus he will not receive the invite to the match.
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    About group issue, i think it happens when you keep continue running TGT after PS4 Rest mode. It also happens with me and after restart the game, everything okey.
    I have no idea about Match making problem, lol.
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    TGT in rest mode is butt

    But other problem has happened to me often. I think that's why lots of people aren't playing.

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    I always close tgt, or anything i have running before entering rest mode. So unless it ruins the entire party if even a single person didnt do that then the issue lies somewhere else. Ive obviously played tgt way too **** much and it hasnt been a problem untl the past few days. Thus the post.

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    Thanks guys for the info on this lil issue. We hopefully have majority of the matchmaking and grouping issues squared away. We reset them early this morning in hopes of taking care of the problem. But we are still in a phase of making sure the servers are running optimally. Thanks peeps for the patience and support

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    Yes it happened alot last weekend

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