I feel like ive played enough to talk about the game in a contructive way.

I like it. Its really fun and addicting. Each character looks different and interesting in their own ways. Im looking forward to unlocking ghoul and seeing what hes like.

So my first impressions of the game itself - Solid. I think its great... But the servers. From 2 days of playing, the first day, fine. But all of today its been absolute garbage. I hope this is not an issue ill be having during the rest of this beta, and into the games launch. because theres only so much of the main menu I can look at before Ill just give up on the game.

Ive got another complaint, but its subjective. I dont know if its a region thing, but chips are WAY too expensive imo. 100 chips equates to about $20. Im not spending $20 on a character.

And a suggestion. You guys should really be using the 'Player Met' feature on PS4. After playing with people I want to send everyone GGs aftewards and maybe promote discussion about the match. But we cant do that as of now.