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    In-Game Shop

    Ok, so I played the BETA and I have only one complaint / question:

    Why is the shop for hero upgrades (e.g. additional attack power) outside of the gameplay?

    What I mean is, in traditional MOBAs, the point is to kill minions / enemy heroes to gather money, then return to the shop to buy new items before returning to the lane.

    By putting the shop outside of the gameplay, in a special upgrade screen, it will make the game unbalanced because e.g. a level 6 player will have a much stronger champion to begin with!

    The shop has to be inside the game with access during a round, so that all players start the round equally strong and get stronger throughout the round!

    Awesomenauts did the same mistake in the beginning, letting players choose their loadout before the round started. By now, they have also moved the shop completely in-game.

    This has to be done!

    Apart from that, the game is a lot of fun I would also suggest adding more ranged heroes instead of melees and also making it more obvious when you make a kill.

    I hope you keep improving the game and I'm sure the playerbase will grow

    Will the game be free upon full release?

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    It's gonna stay free I believe.
    In game workouts seem cool, but this isn't a traditional moba they want it to be a battler.

    To answer your issue top requested feature is a loadout feature to be in game to allow swaps for builds which I agree with.
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    I think of it this way: WOW's arena mode IIRC let u fight with ur prev armour and weapons, so that technically is a similar concept right?

    (I havnt played wow correct me if im wrong)
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    MOBA is just multiplayer on Battle Arena game. TGT is MOBA and it has 3 modes to play, Plunderball, Conquest and Annihilation with rules for everymode.
    Dota is a MOBA, but it is Defend of the Ancients.
    Yeah, and you can not compare TGT with DOTA, because they aint same.
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    I mean, if you want to call your game a MOBA, then its fair game to compare it to other MOBAs like dota and Lol.
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