Hello to all the new ppl from the EU release! Thanks for playing this game that we all enjoy so much. If you havent already, plz join the psn community called TGT Group-up. There you will find many other new players as well as vets that you can party up with and hopefully find some friends to enjoy the game further.
Also we are in the works of setting up a midweek mayhem event which will pair myself up against the owner of the community TrainerCharlie (my gf lol) and have 3 lower lv ppl on our teams. It will be streamed and hosted by kiz. We will try and play for an hour and the team that wins the majority of the matches will win codes from kiz.

Hope to see you on the glorious field of battle! ... For like 5 mins. 30 min plunderball matches are annoying. Lets avoid those.