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    I have to buy a champ today, which are the best now?

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    You can test each champ out before you buy em.

    Choosing a champ just because theyre deemed 'good' by the community isnt a good idea imo, cuz who cares if theyre good if theyre not fun, right? So maybe a combination of both, see what people reccomend but make sure you test them out before u buy em.
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    I'm gonna test all, but i want to know which champ is good now

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    My first character I mained and still do is killowat. Has good damage, a slow, a heal and can stun. Can be squishy but is a solid character.

    Kovax is alot of fun if you like just dishing out obscene amounts of damage.

    I also enjoy rook alot. She's got the stun and debuff and also does some decent damage.

    Been playing for a while and those are the characters I have the most fun with.

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    I'm in EU, btw i'm gonna add u and maybe i'm gonna buy sprout

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    Sprouts a solid character too dude. Good dot damage and one of the best heals. Good resistances too.

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    go with Kilowat or MainFrame for high damage and multiple kills. and if u gonna get a healer go with blitz over sprout for solo play. rust me coming from #1 rank in annihilation.

    140 hrs with kilo
    55 with blitz
    45 with mainframe

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    I take sprout, is good but what is the hex duration?

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