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Thread: Crit Sniper Kunak Discussion

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    Crit Sniper Kunak Discussion

    It's no secret that the new champion Kunak is slightly underpowered, I feel that they used very poor choice of words to describe his play style. I've been playing ranked matches with him and at first my rank was dropping because I was playing the role the game told me to play, I quickly learned thats not the case. First let's talk about his pros and cons of this champions.

    - high "BURST" dmg (Everyone think his dps and complains that its not high enough, he can't dish out damage fast, but all at one time)

    - Great during team fights (Not that he cant solo but he is a hunter and can pick off the weakest link in groups, preferably the high dmg low hp champions)

    - Excellent range (This is great because you can snipe off screen champions and secure the kill, but notice he is a advanced character and you will need the best of aim to play him)

    - Large Learning Curve (unlink vooghoul and rook who are also advanced, you can learn there play style in a couple games. Vooghoul set back and lay traps and use yourself as bait. Rook trap, silence, dps. Kunak on the other hand, is much more complex and often needs to change his play style base on the opposing champions)

    - Low "Basic" Attack (This heavily depends on who you are attacking, but more often then not I did not secure a kill with my javelins, unless they are extremely low health, chasing me down, and they are a zert lol)

    - Easily Gimped (If you fight 1v1 and two others show up, you not getting away, unless you do a couple tricks I'm help yhall with)

    - Range/Velocity (Now this depends on the person but if you can't aim, DO NOT PLAY THIS CHAMPION, it took me so long to learn how to aim with him, aiming and skill placement is cruical with this character)

    Now that we gotten all that out the way, lets get on to how to play this guy and dominate in the arena. Im going to assume you know all his abilities and what they "claim" that his moves do. Let's go over his plays and the hints this character gives you base on what he does.

    Verbal Suggestions: Unlike other champions to my knowledge because I don't own every champ, He say certain things to let you know he is close to or he did crit. If you are attack a player and he (Laughs) Very strong that means he just (CRIT). If he (Laughing) continuously that means his next 2 to 4 hits will be (CRITS). You is going to want that to happen a lot and it is a badass feeling when it does.
    When he lays down his traps he says something but when a player steps on that trap he says "MMMMHAHAHAH" and the trap can crit as long as the player is not at full health.
    His sprit animal (The bird that follows him can also crit but it is much lower to my understanding) if you do crit with the bird, i believe what im hearing him say is "There we go"

    Play Styles:

    Now finally what everyone has been waiting for his different play styles. He has three different types, I used all three but prefer 2 out of the three.

    Small Game Hunter:
    You stick in groups (small or large), as long as its just not you. You start attack the one thats in the back ranking up damage (players like kilowatt or rook) and use your piercings throw to secure the kill. You work best in the confusion or others snd make yourself a small target and kill valuable players.

    Lone Wolf:
    I've done this one a lot and you use the hit ans run tactic to insure victory, you "kite" those who chase you and use your traps to slow them doen and continue kiting. If enemies try to gimp line them up and use piercing throw to get distance (it has very great knockback) or to finish them off. You have to have a very great knowledge of the map your playing to get health packs, energy, sheilds, damage, and all escape routes. (All those listed will be your best friend.)

    Kunak is on the front lines and letting your teamates deal the first couple damage to wound them so your can crit them down. You basically cause a distraction and start kiting yiur teammates dealibg damage them use your skills to crit them to the respawn screen.

    His bread and butter is his piercing throw and his traps use them to the fullest. His bird is good to kill someone who is running away but other then that its a waste of good energy. He can escape from large groups if you can cause a gap using traps , jumping, and L1 ftw.

    Kunak is a very great character, he is a nuking sniper and should be played as such. If your team setting up for a gimp cover the exit routes with traps and CRIT THEM.

    Now is he perfect not at all. Many ppl can out class him and out dmg him. He's no jack of all trades like most ppl in TGT, he have no heals, no escape ability just him and his bird that most players even forget that his bird is actually skill and not a cosmetic. I believe the blind effect should actually be a silenced effect because it doesnt blind at all. But kunak does what he do best like no other and thats kite and crit (which need to be higher btw lol).

    If this guide/discussion was helpful drop a post and tell me and add what you think i missed or share some opnions you have about the character. I'll add a lot more if you guys/girls want it. Im using kunak for the upcoming competitions and see how I do.

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    Interesting. I wished more people decribed characters like this. I had no interest in kunak before but now I might check him out.
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    He sucks I have multiple builds for champs this guy doesn't have anything to write amazingly good about.

    Fix his hunter instinct passive and he'll shine . Right now the damage champs he 2nd worst behind Xavilla (Xavilla can be even beat him with power regain champs buffing her)

    Kunak with a melody still sucks
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    Idk how you building him but i have him maxed out and he crits every 3 hits and my crits does 4x damage now . He butst down any char ither then khan

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
    Idk how you building him but i have him maxed out and he crits every 3 hits and my crits does 4x damage now . He butst down any char ither then khan
    I have max lawn darts every 3 hits seems off when you can crit as health lowers. I have other max lawn dart champs and he crits about the same as them.

    Either his attack speed needs a buff by 100% or he needs to crit more than he current does.

    His damage potential is much weaker than his counter part kovax

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    I can agree with that last part, try machine gun on him as well. And with the new champion scuttle and his passive allies critical hit when there near him would help kunak alot more

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    wich region are you in unicorn? I play eu and not fulltime but usually for a bit every evening when im done playing eso and getting dailys here and there in other games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
    I can agree with that last part, try machine gun on him as well. And with the new champion scuttle and his passive allies critical hit when there near him would help kunak alot more
    I'm using machine gun now probably best idea for potential burst. I'll have to play with with a ally who has him. I'm testing him out as well

    I'm all about maximizing champs potential

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    This champion is like Minos. You can buy the best gear, but he's still useless.

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    Btw unicorn, you said you failed being effective when you played kunaks predetermined role but when you broke free of that you did better.
    I figured the same with my own favorite champs. Also alot of the tags champs have make little sense.. i mean how the heck is ninjette advanced difficulty and Z easy while Z has no stun and ninjette does etc.

    Things like those make me not take any 'role-orientation' seriously.

    Leatherhead probably would be considered either a tank or a ranged dps, i dont.. i consider him a full support because hes mediocre at everything except for landing aoe stuns and buffing himself and others besides being excruciatingly slow so cant chase nor flee from anything. Always think out of the box.

    Just a few questions though; what do you guys consider platimus to be? Healer would sound the most obvious but for some reason he feels like the perfect tank to me.
    Also still not sure what to see dr.trips as.. people see him as a support but he seems like a ranged dps with good survivabillity to me..
    As for one of my mains kilowatt.. i dont see him as a skillbased/mage character but as a potential ranged dps / support aswell due to his fast normal attack speed, but he also feels a bit like a gamble champ since im still not sure if i can or cant load up his stuns or that they are fully random?
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