Hello kiz studios, my actual 'somewhat not really celeb' name is Calamaistr and ive been playing your game Trans galactic tournament a bit on PS4 now its out in EU. (im dutch)

I have a few things to say about it id like to feedback to you.

First off, the first thing i noticed about the character roster is that alot of them seem to be not only largely inspired from existing moba games but even have the same types of skillsets. The most obvious here is melody wich is a flat out copy of Sona from league.
Similar vibes are recieved from characters such as Nexi (eve), Ooz(mundo appart from his skills), and Khan to an extent (reminds alot of blitzcrank, then again it stops at his physical similarity)

Glad to see most other characters seem to be original though, so far i havent been able to really pick a favorite as im still trying out alot but this brings me to the following;

The game proves to be extremely unbalanced. Some characters literally oneshot you (ninjette has that nasty tendency) and others are nearly impossible to take down wich makes them free wins in the capture the..ball mode (khan probably is the champ of this, and ive played him alot myself before i understood i was just getting free easy wins there after failing to ever take an opponent khan down in other games) If you make some characters strong in certain points, make them weak in others. Its absurd to have characters walk around to do it all pretty much making every other pick a weight on your team rather than an addition. We should be free to pick a character not feeling useless the whole game being either oneshot or always walking behind because the rest of the teams are full of ultra tanky speed boosters.

Another thing, and i dont know if youre already handling this in any way; people who intentionally lose/troll (ive had this in a capture the ball mode game where one of ours rushed to capture their ball and then stood on their side waiting till the enemy was near with our ball then let themselves be killed) or afk. I know you can also leave with penalty and this is the literall toxicity of moba games that you have to fight against from the start with all youve got so this game doesnt turn into another 'its useless to try' experience like so many mobas have going creating only more chainreactions of toxicity seeing as theres plenty of people who think doing to others what was done to them relieves their feeling of sabotage.

Now as for the positive things to say; The concept of aliens as characters is pretty fresh and has lots of potential, try to think out of the box here though, a large number so far still wields earthly guns and handweapons.
I also enjoy the way unlocking is set up, characters arent too expensive to buy, some skins can be bought with ingame money too, wich is great. The matches are quick wich is also a good thing, and action feels natural.
I havent come across any bugs or glitches yet, and the menu music is pretty catching. (coming from a retired vg music composer here )

As my nick on this forum suggests, i like the pugilist skin for oddilus and hell be my definate next buy on the board.
(prev bought that skeleton mr.bison/vega eggman angler guy, and nexi)

Greets and dont take my criticism too harshly, i have to be honest.