So far i have bought: Nexi (dont like her, wish i could refund, just not my playstyle and her clone dies insta) Kovax who is robot so he can defeat sonex (i love this guy, consider him my main atm) and Oddilus who's defensive skill is alot worse than i expected sadly.

The champs that i consider are: Leatherhead, Platimus and d.r trips.
I also like the little beanguy hovering above an electric pod but hes free.

I have played platimus before and figured out his hidden passive after a while thinking he was ****, now i consider him quite a potential god tier defensive champ.
d.r trips on the other hand i have never played before but seems very practical to me aswell with his high damage options (aoe ranged, cmon.. and good escapes)
Leatherhead i only have played once but hear good things about him and he has good synergies.
Also considered ace for a while but im afraid hes a onetrick pony like champs such as ninjette and i dont want to severely limit my fun for the sake of consistency. Thats not what gaming is about.

Any thoughts and constructive comments?