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Thread: Legit complaint

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    Legit complaint

    Minos was the first champion that I bought. I love the way he looks (how can you not like his fire knuckles + pharaoh custome?) and I like how he just jumps into the battle like a beast.

    Minos is my guy... atleast that is what I thought.

    I like my champions to be tanky and deal out lots of damage so I spend around 250,000 gold if not more to make my Minos critical build. Later on I realized critical was not the way to go. Minos relies on his burst dmg by using all his skills in quick succession of eachother. So I replaced all my T3 Lawn Darts with T3 Bowlings, replaced my badges etc.

    I think I spend a total of 500,000 gold on this dude lol and I'm dissapointed.

    How can a silly little robot called Khan be a better tank than Minos?

    All you can do with Minos is go in the battle, use your skills and hope you kill them all, because if you don't you're too slow to runaway and you will probably die.

    Maybe Minos is good in a team with a dedicated healer.. I haven't tried that. But even then I could think of many other champions who perform better in a team and have great synergy with eachother.

    Some suggestions:

    1) Remove reflect damage from Khan and give it to Minos (this only makes sense)
    2) Increase his base life and base resistance
    3) Make him immune to stun or slow

    It doesn't seem right that Khan is a better Tank, Supporter (movement + damage + reflect boost) and Healer all in one.

    Thanks for reading.

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    I don't think any champ needs a nerf

    I have 22 out 24 built T3 ( Xavilla and New Champ)

    There a few champs that need upgrades:

    Brutus - survival & immunity resistance via rage buff
    Minos - allow him to clip abilties and give him another damage reduction buff with fire stomp
    Xavilla - all glass no cannon and low energy pool
    Z-314 - damage over time move and increase base silence by additional second

    Most 3 of the 4 champions right now would be useful if game was simply 5v5.

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    I don't like nerfs. I think it's better to buff things that are underpowered and/or badges that are never used.

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    Ninjette is a better tank than khan with her oneshotting.
    region: eu - mains: kovax, nexi, kilowatt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pugilist View Post
    Ninjette is a better tank than khan with her oneshotting.
    That's called a glascannon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Great-BoBaFeTT View Post
    That's called a glascannon.
    More like a glassmoab
    region: eu - mains: kovax, nexi, kilowatt.

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    What about a Glasscat?

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