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Thread: Tip for new players and players who need gold

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    Tip for new players and players who need gold

    At level 8 you unlock Annihilation. Search a game, watch a movie and go AFK.

    You will probably lose all games but thats ok because you get 600exp and 600gold for doing nothing. This adds up.

    Do this till level 30 and buy Tier 3 workouts.

    Don't buy Tier 1 and Tier 2 workouts you will be level 30 in a few days with this method and you will have around 200,00 gold.

    In this game rankings are based on wins, kills etc. and nobody can see see the negative stuff (losses, deaths, win percentage)

    Furthermore when the game goes out of beta rankings get reset anyway. This beta is about reaching lvl 40 and make as much gold as possible for when game goes out of beta.

    You could argue this exploit is not nice for your teammates but 99% of your teammates are bots anyway.

    On my second account I got 200,000 gold now from doing this and daily missions.

    I recommended doing this while watching one of the following shows:

    1. The Walking Dead
    2. Better Call Saul
    3. Vikings
    4. Gotham

    Game on

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    You know, normally im very against this kind of behavior but after a streak of having to play with permasuiciding bots against ninjettes that just oneshot farmed them im actually more likely to utilize this tip.

    Fed up with wasting my time trying to lvl up to get tier 3 workouts. blergh. Lvl 21 and it takes me like 21894725789 losses because of permasuiciding bots before i lvlup once.
    region: eu - mains: kovax, nexi, kilowatt.

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    Normally I wouldn't do this because I would ruin the game for my teammates. But I did more than 200 annihilation games this season and I was ALWAYS ALONE my teammates were ALWAYS bots.

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    Ho snap I posted this with the wrong account !

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    No its the right account, and i experience the same. Hardly ever see human players save for boba today lol.
    region: eu - mains: kovax, nexi, kilowatt.

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