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Thread: Khan an blitzs

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    Khan an blitzs

    Who best an what to buy to them full build plis

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    boba was ban
    region: eu - mains: kovax, nexi, kilowatt.

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    I play the game in french so I don't know the english name of the items...
    First collumn (the red one) bowling (I think? That is the french name) that increase your skill power (L1 L2 and R1 attacks) and every heal mooves. Buy 5 of those items level 3
    Second collumn (the green one) the item that increase your physical defense and your skill defense. Same, buy 5 of those level 3.
    Third collumn, (the blue one) choose life regeneration or energy regeneration. It depends of your character and how you want to play.

    This build works with every characters.

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    just build bufftime on khan and run to africa its easy
    region: eu - mains: kovax, nexi, kilowatt.

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