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    Ranking suggestion

    Hi, this message is destined to Kiz Studios.

    I have a sugggestion about the ranking.
    For the time being, you just need to play a lot to reach the top of the ranking whatever if you are a good or a bad player. I thinks that it is not a good way to rank the players.

    In many online games there is differents sytems to rank people according their level. If you are a low ranked player and you play against a high ranked player, you will loose not many points, and if you win you will earn a lot of points.

    For exemple :
    A 1500 rated player against a 1100 rated player :

    If the 1500 rated player wins, he will earn 10 points and the 1100 rated player will loose 10 points.
    New ratings 1510 for the winner and 1090 for the loser

    If the 1100 rated player wins, he will earn 50 points and the 1500 rated player will loose 50 points.
    New ratings 1150 for the winner and 1450 for the loser

    If two 1200 rated player play each other, the winner will earn 25 points and the loser will loose 25 points.

    There is a famous system to do that, it is called "Elo rating system"
    The professional Chess association is using this system to rank the players.

    You can find all the algorithms on google if you want to implement this ranking system.

    I thinks that it could make the game a lot pleasant!

    Sorry for the misspellings, I am French and my English is not very good

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    I think your idea works and is better. They should tweak it. They could use this system next season or whenever they wipe thier leaderboards. Also it will help with people who rage quit from games

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    hehehe no. As long as bots take place of real players (wich is the best thing possible since otherwise youll get the toxicity of being sabotaged otherwise to much higher volume by afk or leavers (im a leaver myself and proud of it in some scenarios atleast, when im in a stalemate in bots vs bots in plunderball) there can be no competitive rankingsystem.

    Be glad this game is alot lighthearteneder than all those failgames that end up a comoddity of sponsors and fat cat events.
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