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Thread: 4th Tournament

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    4th Tournament

    4rd Community Tournament Info

    Here are some RULES:

    Characters :
    ~ No duplicate champions on same team, however, there can be multiple of a champion in one game (1 per team)
    ~ All badges and workouts are available to use.

    Teams :
    ~Tournament will be best of 3 games. (First team to 2 wins)
    ~Each team will consist of a minimum of 4 player and a maximum of 6 players (2 subs)
    ~Each team will need a captain that will be in charge of communicating with the other team

    Team register :
    ~Team name
    ~Team roster
    ~Team country (or language)

    Game mode :

    Date :
    Satu rday april 2nd, 2:00pm (central time), 8pm (GMT+1)

    Other :
    Exploiting bugs during a tournament is considered illegal and will result in an automatic loss.
    I am trying to make a poll to know if you want to ban khan or not.
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