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Thread: Vooghoul is op!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Vooghoul is op!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He makes with her skill everyone oneshot. It's not funny because the damage is so unreal and the head will follow you with second damage. Youre instand down.
    He is fu****g OP!!!!!!

    PS: Sry for my English

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    No he is not you haven't seen vooghoul op if he was nerfed

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    Hey. So My gamer tag is Oserados. My max was 73 kills 0 deaths. I can honestly say every character you can choose can be amazing. Vargoul? If i recall one of the top players in the world on my screen right now has a very powerful vargoul. He can kill half of my characters very easily. But i win MOST of the time. This is strictly a pvp 1 v 1 standpoint. Players in this game do not often seem to follow common logic. Why would you chase a kovax's trail of ****. why not just let him do his stuff and at a close distance and prepare an oddilous jump. why not give that frog massive defense and hex duration. why not add a skill that makes it so you cannot take more than 225 damage in a single hit? because i tell you this if you do that vargoul at top of the lists can't hurt you. think. do math. Calculate. This game can be very competitive. Kinda hard to though when everyone plays terribly. I am not saying you are terrible but come on look at those user names. this game obviously picked up a younger audience.

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    Vooghoul is meh and kovax cannot kill a tank or healer classes. I've watch kovax players die more times than I like to remember.

    Improvements need to made with the party system and in game matchmaking still.

    I wish the tournament actually happened cause players would have saw organized teams played

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