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Thread: overpowered/ Trophys for (PS4)

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    overpowered/ Trophys for (PS4)

    I just started playing today and noticed Khan and Minos are way to overpowered with Minos attack (fire stomp) and Khans (Battle plan) attack. while only playing 15 games into Trans-Galactic Tournament or 1 hour and 34 minutes I have achieved very easy rank up and get 118 kills in 1 hour and half with mostly 2 Champs and 71% trophy on the playstation 4. More information you can look at my ps4 account (PEPE90).
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    Time played 1hour. FYI you'd mostly playing PVE bots when there's no one online.

    You don't even have T3 workouts or defenses.

    Minos needs a buff or mechanic change. His moves would be better if its clippable

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