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Thread: 1.13 Patch aka The Xavilla Buff?

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    1.13 Patch aka The Xavilla Buff?

    Xavilla Got Buffed

    Overall issue: all glass No Cannon

    Past Issues:
    Low Health
    Low attack damage output (Basic and Skill Damage)
    Highest critical chance in game but 0% crit damage
    Low Mana pool to damage cost ratio

    300+ Health
    15+ Attack Damage

    I actually decided to give this a test run since this only champion i never built. I have many friends who tried to attempt to build this champ in the past. Which all resulted in disappointment.

    I think this is a step in the right direction. Two only issues are still here:

    (1) Low mana pool is low. I think a good baseline for her is to have the same size pool mana as Kovax.
    (2) Still no critical attack damage 200%. There's no way not to go bowling with her.

    Now it's time to balance the champions. I gonna make write or videos about each one and give strengths and weaknesses.

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    Thanks for the awesome input Hangtime! You know TGT is in a constant state of improvement, and we'll gather and ****yze all input especially valuable player content like this. Thanks again and cant wait to see those player vids!

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    Her spirit Dance needs to be timed. And would that be a buff? So it can be yoga'd? Because when this happens.....u can build machine gun around it, speed drain, snowflake. Traige, glitter run. Heavy suit, glitterrun. Accelorator, bruiser, snowflake. Machinegun, conduction gliterun. (Make up for lack of energy). She needs to be the champ that's able to utilize the most badges and have the most badge combination out there since the was the weakest of the 8 and is just now getting a making over.

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    Yoga doesn't work on her. One of first things I've tried.

    Snowflake build can work.
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    I'm suggesting that it should be timed, so it can get yoga'd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SonnyAve View Post
    I'm suggesting that it should be timed, so it can get yoga'd.
    I agree with that suggestion

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