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Thread: Crit Kunak After Patch 1.13

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    Crit Kunak After Patch 1.13

    Well here he is, the patch everyone has been waiting for. I was going to out this guide on hold until i finished his build and fully tested his capabilities, i'm half way through and I confident that I got him right where I want him.

    Kunak, there is no need for introductions you will not be alive long enough to remember his name, first things first let talk about patch 1.13 and what it did for him. His passive "Hunters Instinct" the lower the enemy health, the higher his critical chance gets, in patch 1.12 this passive never worked but now OMG!!! With testing for every 5% health missing his critcal chance rises by 2. That means when the person is at half health your at 20% base crit chance, not including his base crit as is. With this being said let's start this guide.

    Kunak is a crit monster now, forget about my pervious guide, you will want to basic attack alot with him now. My basic attacks hit a khan with shields and high ressience build for 323 on crit and you will crit alot. The highest I every hit with a basic attack was 1254. "Crusher" is a highly over used badge and I was building that at first but now i find it much better to build "Critcal Power Badge".
    What this does is basically what every is in front of you won't be there no more. It makes your crits have a 4x multiplier.

    So if you crit 100 and yiu have this badge you criting 400. Thats 25% health of half the roaster from a basic attack. KEEP IN MIND ALL HIS SKILLS CAN CRIT, AND WE STILL ON BASIC ATTACKS AND HOW THEY SHREK PPL LIVES AWAY.

    With max bowling and if you crit you hitting them for 900+ dmg. This will make someone uninstall there game, I can't tell you how I just chop away at someone health and piercing throw them for a epic knockout.

    Which leads me to how he needs to be played. What i would recommend you sit at the back and snipe when the opponent at half health use piercing throw. Can't tell you how many times ill be in the back sniping and the group killed my team the chase me and i line them up and just burst them down with this move. Btw, this move can hit multiple targets and they each take individual dmg base on the ressience and how close they was to the javelin, the guy in the front is dead for sure thou.

    His bird , with play testing i find it best to use for chasing ppl down nun else just chasing. Use his traps for controlling a part of the map and for quick get aways. When running away throw a trap in front of u , bout time u pass it , it will be cloaked.

    This is just a brief guy if u want more of my opinions on the character and character guide i will be doing more of in the future pm me on PSN.


    I'll be coming out with a full tier list later in the next couple months. Stay tuned

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    Max bowling doesn't seem appealing to me.

    If you weren't using crit power before I'm confused.

    I agree with your play style very much.

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    I don't use max bowling, thats a common build for everyone tho which is why I recommend it. I used critcal power before and i use it now, theres a huge difference. I use only 3 out of the 5 are bowling

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