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    Champions Tier List

    For those who don't me. I've participated in the finals for every community tournament held so far. And won 3 out of 4 of them. All 3 i've won has been with a different team. Recently was able to build all the 24 champions this game has to offer. Most champions minus 2 i have at least two different builds on.

    My goal is to increase the amount of top end talent and divide. While I'm not going go in to exact builds most champions in this game especially in the A rank have multiple builds.

    My Tier is based off of synergy of the champs and ability to play with multiple champion types.
    S - Can fit into almost any combination. Ability to carry a team to victory of IF player is knowledgeable
    A - Great choice on any team. However, limited in build selections
    B - Not amazing, but not bad. Gets job done
    C - Wouldn’t be first choice. If i had to make it work it’s possible.
    D - Teams must build around champion in order to be effective
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