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Great game - couple bugs I'm still noticing post-update.

1) Level 22-8 (boss battle) is bugged. I can't complete it without the game crashing. If I try to play the boss battle directly from map, it crashes on loading screen. If I start at 22-7 and then hit next... it works until wave 3... and then crashes. Not sure how to get around this.

2) I think equipment stats may be working now, but my legacy gear still says level 1 when i click on it in the equip screen of the character. I need to unequip it and re-equip it each time to see the actual stats.

3) The merchant keeps getting stuck. Once I click on it, only way I can leave the screen is to restart the game. None of the buttons work.
We appreciate the detailed issues and are generally sorry to hear this has inconvenienced your play through. We have a new version of the game (1.03) coming within the next few days which addresses a lot of these issues. The issue with the game getting stuck on campaign 22-8 has been picked up and will be fixed, the same goes for the game getting stuck at the merchant screen.