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Thread: Stats and weapons

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    Stats and weapons


    First of all I'm loving the game so far. However, I noticed that when I equipped a weapon that claimed to boost my agility by 80, this did not show up in the stats screen. Nor did it influence the damage of the agility user I equipped it on. After equipping a number of different weapons with differing damage values I also noticed that weapons did not influence damage at all. I found this to be the case on all of the characters. This includes the damage displayed next to each skill during combat and the actual damage inflicted on enemies. Not sure if this is a bug. The only thing that's seemed to increase damage is levelling up skills.

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    Thanks for bringing this to our attention Mike. We just looked into it and its a legitimate issue, in fact, no items are effecting stats at all right now.

    We fixed it in version 1.02 (should be around wednesday this week).

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