There seems to be a few glitches surrounding legacy items.

Obtaining them in the first place is tricky as they don't appear directly in the inventory, I have found that if I close the app and open it again they will show up.

Using them is even trickier and sometimes it won't let me equip them, closing and reopening from the hero screen can then have very strange effects, the legacy item will take on the look of another item, not necessarily one that I own. I can then equip this and all sorts of weird things then happen. One of my characters ended up with a weapon equipped in his foot slot, chest armour in his trinket slot and a trinket in his helmet slot. Items replaced from these slots have a tendency to disappear forever.
Here for example my hero has a wand in his trinket slot and a cloth hat in his boots slot.
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Not touching the legacy items prevents the glitches from happening.