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Thread: Referee gifts problem

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    Referee gifts problem

    Hi my ingame name is kingkush and i have added a friend and he has added me, i have reached castle level 6 and haven't received the imp nor the fighter chests for lvls 3-5...

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    By the way i am the one whonarrived first lvl 3

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    hey kingkush, to get the rewards for player referral your friend needs to reach castle 3 on their acct for you to get the Imp. Then you get more rewards when your friend reaches castle levels 5, 7 & 9. More friends = more rewards!

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    Ok well he just became lvl 3 i'll check if i got the reward

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    Well i got the imp but not the free fighter crate?...

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    You only get the Imp for first reward, all fighter crates after that.

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    My friend who referred me is already lvl 7, got crates from when he reached castle 5 and castle 7 but when i'm about to open the rewards game crashed and i didnt get anything from it.

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    Same here I posted in general discussion... Didn't know there was a topic about this already

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    Hi -- we've had reports of this issue -- players getting crashes from opening refer-a-friend fighter crate rewards, and then not receiving their fighters. We are actively investigating this issue and will hope to resolve it soon. Anyone having similar issue please email with your display name, email, and account ID found in the settings menu, and we will try to restore the lost rewards.

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    Do I need to email that to get credited? Or will u credit me?

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