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Thread: Referee gifts problem

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    We're investigating your account now. You can email as well if you'd like us to contact you directly. As soon as we have any further information we will post it here.

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    Ok thank you very much, I'll rather get the reply here... If it's absolutely necessary to email I will but until u say I have to, I'll just check up here every few minutes

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    Sorry to be like this but is there an ETA on when I get credited on the 2 crates?

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    My support ID is 256492 incase u need it

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    We're still working on verifying the issue. Though we have seen multiple reports, we have not been able to reproduce the error. Sorry, currently we cannot provide an eta.

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    Oh ok then understood! I'll be waiting patiently many thanks 😁

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    @shatta you should be good to go now. Thanks for your patience.

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    Bluudev thank u so much for the 500 gems the thing is I can't buy a premium monster crate, that's what I lost and I would like to have it please because it would have housed a rarer creature then the blue ones

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    I saw a gold monster crate when I pushed open on it, the game crashed... It wasn't an ordinary crate for 200 gems like the usual one that one looked much different

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