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Thread: Referee gifts problem

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    I have a picture I can send of the crate I'm talking about

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    Hey Shatta-- there might have been a visual error you saw, but the refer-a-friend system does not award Premium fighter crates. The only way to find Premium fighter crates is via the Arena Trophy Tournament or Alliance Raid Battles.

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    DanHaney how do I send a picture? I'll show you

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    I have some proof, I know what I saw bro, and I have a picture showing that you do actually get premium crates from referrals... How do I send it to u? I can't seem to put pics up in this forum

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    I get bronze silver and gold crates, silver is when u become knight in tournament bronze is the usual crate, and gold is what I got from referral.. I have the pic here bro

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    You can email images to Posting them here is tricky.

    So there is a visual error when you're notified that a friend reaches each Castle level threshold. First the game displays the image of a Premium Item crate as your reward. Then when you clear that menu, another one pops up displaying a Fighter Crate, with a prompt to open, which when tapped takes you to the Barracks. That is a result of the old system, when the refer-a-friend reward was a Premium Item Crate. The reward changed with the most recent update, and is now a Fighter Crate. Just a single, regular Fighter crate. Believe me, the only way to find Premium fighter crates is via the Arena Trophy Tournament or Alliance Raid Battles.

    Anyway, we currently have no way of adding crates of any kind to your account. Gems are the best we can do at this point. Sorry for any confusion.

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    But that's false advertising, because it really shows a premium crate in the picture... But I understand it's all cool then, when it's possible to give me a premium crate would I be able to get one?

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    So we're still working on the functionality to add crates to accounts. But the gems we hooked you up with were enough to get a character crate & a premium item crate. So hopefully we're all good!

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    Dan, can i get compensated as well?

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    Hey Syrhan -- our records indicate that you have already been compensated in-game by the KizStudios account. Thanks for playing!

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