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Thread: Referee gifts problem

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    Uhm not yet but it's okay. Thanks a lot dan!

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    Hello When i recived a gift When my friend reached castle level 3-6 the game Close and i don't get the gift.
    Sorry for my english i'm french and i don't speak verry well.

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    Salut Bibichou --

    Is this your name in the game? If yes, say hello to Kiz Studios using the chat menu in the game. This way we can find your account easily and provide a gem reward instead. Sorry for the error. Hope you enjoy the game !

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    Yes i'ts the same.
    I say 'hello to kiz studios' in the chat menu of the game.
    Thank you.

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    Hi Bibichou. I have a better idea. Post your friend code here, and I will help you.

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