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Thread: Characters busy and online problems

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    Characters busy and online problems

    The game crashed and my four main characters are busy when I log in. They should be on campaign 40:8 but I cant find them so I cant play campaigns anymore can you check it out?

    Ingame name: Den sjungande bonden.

    I cant still connect to online mode, it says There was a problem verifying your user data.

    Can you check in on these things asap as the game is soon unplayable. Or at least answer on the community forums so we know that you are listening. The game is gonna die quickly if they dont get any help or at least any answers.

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    Fixed the busyproblem myself.

    Clicked on 40:8 and startbutton was busy. Clicked on campaign 40:9, startbutton was busy. Swiped up to 40:8 from campaign 40:9 and startbutton was clear. Put four new characters in battle. After the fight the four main characters wasnt busy anymore.

    Still no progress with online mode?

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    I've seen busy bugs with mine, normally resetting the app will show which level they are in.
    It seems to happen when the game doesn't register that you aren't in idle mode anymore.

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    Online mode is working for me but is horribly bugged like the rest of the game. First week, I got 50 infernus tokens, but didn't get the relics. Second week, I didn't get the tokens or the relics. And after getting king dragon and realizing how little use it really was, I'm kinda unsure whether there's any purpose moving forward with either pvp or online mode. Takes a whole bunch of time to get into tier one and it just resets every week.

    I mean, there hasn't yet been a level I've been "stuck" at, and most levels are like auto-play. My current goal is simply to figure out how high the xp goes (I've reached the "Nn" designation).

    Worst bug I've found is this crashing when making purchases bug. It's like they don't want us to make IAP.

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