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Thread: Hangtime1984 List of Characters That Need Adjustments

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    Hangtime1984 List of Characters That Need Adjustments

    There's a few suggestions I've had over time with champions in game in order to bring them more in line with each other. I understand that champs will never be perfect and there will always be some sort of imbalance between top tier champs and lower tiers. This isn't place for people to scream NERF, but a thread for people to suggest ways to improve the lower tier and bring them up a bit.


    Reason: Overall Scuttle lack of survivability. Low health and low base resistances.

    Base Flaws:
    Low health
    Low Base resistances

    Skill Flaws:
    Feed the fish - Doesn't give enough health back to user 50 HP would be better temporary defense buff similar to khans.
    Shipshape - Should heal scuttle for the same amount he heals allies for and give him a temporary defense buff like bltz.


    Reason: Not enough damage output on particular champion if 4 circles.

    Base Flaws:

    Skill Flaws:
    One move should have bleed (damage over time effect).

    Reason: Low damage and Lack of survivability.

    Base Flaws:
    Low Base Resistances raise by 10% on each
    Low health pool raise by 200 health

    Skill Flaws:
    Stone form slow is too punishing for already slow champion
    Stone for has no way to extending it's duration
    Would be nice for this champions abilities to be clipable for more damage potential

    Reason: Low Survivability. Zero way to counter speed drain on his most important passive trait.

    Base Flaws:
    Low defenses.

    Skill Flaws:
    Speed Passive is always in effect so speed drain always works on champion
    Rage doesn't give movement immunity to counter point above

    Reason: Low damage

    Base Flaws:
    Basic attack speed is too slow for him to be effective i would perfers a base of 1.5

    Skill Flaws:


    Reason: Low damage and silence. Throw speed is low now.

    Base Flaws:
    Went from too strong to weak
    Speed back up his ability to lay out bombs now since detonate only scales with basic attack

    Skill Flaws:
    Silence removes ability to throw out haunt bombs. I should still be able to do that.
    Infectious Curse still doesn't heal ally when that target is attacked.
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