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    New User: Bugs & Comments v1.3 to v1.4 ?


    First of all, I really enjoy & appreciate these types of game having offline & online modes, idle or active with an option to tap, looting, & levelling. So kudos for the game's concept.

    I've started playing 3 days ago and was able to play both the non-season and season mode. And since season is timed, I decided to shift to season for now (currently ranked #2 as of writing) and played the hell out of the game.

    I think what I downloaded was an enabled shop with disabled idle mode, probably 1.3? And from there encountered these:

    Device: iPhone 5s
    OS Version: 9.3.2
    Online Data: Game Center

    • Purchases made cannot be restored (v1.3). Updating to 1.4 and attempt to restore purchases does nothing (no VIP status
    • VIP status with watching ads and with purchases might overlap such that when 24h VIP status from watching ads expired will also expire VIP status when purchasing?
    • When going to opt for opening shop from mission completion (when opening chests) and the shop popup opens, there is no way to close shop (purchase fail or cancelling purchase) (v1.3, haven't checked with 1.4)
    • Leaving the app on background for some time while doing seasons/online mode, issues might be encountered with crashing or unable to send rankings (error messages for communicating to server visible in game) is observed. Restarting app might have data inconsistencies (device vs cloud) (v1.3)
    • Switching between non-season and season might crash the game or make the UI stop responding (v1.3)
    • Viewing/tapping one stage to view mobs and loot available, exiting to map view, and repeating process might cause the map view to not show stages at all (v1.3)
    • Speed stat capped at 100% in stat view but may affect speed still in attacks? (v1.3/v1.4?)
    • Unclear distinction of achievements between season and non-season. Some achievements accumulate between both modes(e.g. goblin kills, robot kills). Boss kills for example will not count on season mode (normal or elite campaigns)
    • Updating to 1.4 had some heroes unlocked for me in non-season which I don't have on 1.3 and not even having the chance to unlock them (ekips, mauler)

    • VIP status indicator.
    • Settings to turn on or off Idle Mode? I've been playing before 1.4 and was fine without the Idle Mode. Now with Idle Mode I seem to be caught off guard by it. (though taking out Idle Mode will defeat the "Idle Adventures" part )
    • Quick View of lootable gear in a stage (prolly by hover/tap) on a stage? Sometimes it takes time to look for which stage drops which gear. Visiting detail view of stage then going back to map view seems to have crashes in between
    • VIP duration? I messaged earlier on FB regarding my purchase issue and when I updated to 1.4, found out that VIP lasts for 7 days only? If so, is there any place in game where this is tracked?
    • I only found out about the elements affinity in attacks with their colors when I was able to view the stats page. Is it so that having +Nature Damage will not have any effect iif your heroe's attack are all physical (gray ones)? If so, should there be any information/tutorials about these?

    Have messaged to your FB page 8hrs ago prior to 1.4 update but still got no response, might be because this is the official page for entertaining these issues?

    Some of these may be fixed in 1.4 but haven't confirmed them yet. Sorry for the post but putting them here is one way to keep track of things to check in 1.4 if issues are fixed or not.

    This game, although with issues, has a great potential to grow. More power to your team.

    IGN: BlueCapZ
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