Whilst the priority for our development team is currently on fixing existing bugs in the game, we have an exciting major update coming. The target date is July 14th but this is subject to the progress with fixing existing bugs. Thanks to all our players for being patient with us.

Below is a shortlist of some of the content and features we are working on for the major update (Note: not all are certain to make it into the game);

  • New Heroes
  • Weekly Events
  • Monthly Events
  • Community Events
  • New Achievements
  • Reworked Hero List Screen
  • New ways to acquire Stars
  • Reset for Relics
  • New Daily Login Reward Calendar
  • Historic Season Ranking Records
  • New bonuses and benefits for unlocking multiple heroes
  • Friend Item Gifting

Feel free to post any ideas for additional game functionality. Our developers review the forum posts and take your ideas seriously.

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