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Thread: Bug - clan and contribution

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    Bug - clan and contribution

    Look at the screenshot.
    I gave 100 gems in the guild but i spent 500 for XP boost and now it displays "-400 gems".

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    Yes, this menu shows net contribution, totaling amounts deposited and spent. If you tap on your name it shows a detailed history of your transactions.

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    So if I give 400 gems now, my donation will be at 0.
    30 days later, history will be cleaned, and everyone will think I never spend any gems, but in fact, I gave 500 ...
    That's a problem...

    Also, since the bonus bought in the shop is for the whole team, there is no reason why the 500 gems are removed from my line... the boost is not only for me -_-

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    OK, so now the history has been cleand (since it is more than 30 days), my contributions with gems is -370...
    What is the solution??

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    The transaction history can be too large to send if we maintain it longer than the current 30 days. Perhaps the best solution is to explain to any concerned Alliance members that you are an original alliance member and that you deposited the gems that you spent. I realize this may not be ideal, but the current 30 day history is in place so you can track if those who have not deposited any currency are spending too much of it. Your spending was quite legitimate and the chat systems allow you to explain this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanHaney View Post
    the chat systems allow you to explain this.
    when you start a battle, the gold you spent to start the battle is not substracted to your amount, so why it's not the same with gems...

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