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Thread: Feedback on the game

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    Angry Feedback on the game

    I don't understand how, a game released 2 years ago, can have as much as bugs like this...
    The issue with negative PA is really annoying, the issue with box that crash the game is annoying, the game crashes if we don't touch the screen at least every 30 seconds....

    We are loosing time and money... it's a game but since we spent some money we are customer ...
    So please, give something back as compensation ...

    After 2 weeks, every single player has finish the campaign mode ... so please, think better about lifetime :/

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    Thanks for your comments, Vince.

    We are a very small studio and are deeply invested in the game, so we continue to update the game, tweak systems, etc. Game engines change, new systems become available, and we continue to try to adapt and make the best game possible. These new bugs you mentioned are related to features & changes that were added with the last update, and were the result of unusual circumstances we could not anticipate. So bugs, unfortunately, were inevitable. A patch will release this week which should fix most / all of these issues.

    We really appreciate feedback like this because it helps us keep improving. We will surely compensate you for any lost items, and to thank you for caring about the game!

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    We will surely compensate you for any lost items, and to thank you for caring about the game!
    Some members of my clan had too much gift ... I never received but lost so much time and money with all your issues.
    I don't know how you handle your customer but you're seems not really professional

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    Hey Vince --

    Sorry if you are still having issues. The server has regained stability so hopefully you are only having good experiences now. If you feel like you need to be compensated, send an email to with your support ID and display name so we can look up your account and verify your information. Thanks!

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